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Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Happy & Home

Well I am back. 

My only half dead orchids greeted me upon my arrival.  As I had suspected the cleaning fairies neglected to look after the glasses in the sink – so I busied myself and loaded the four of them in the dishwasher.  It took me a mere 30 seconds.

I know, exciting blog.  Get on with the point already.

This time there isn't one.  Except that when I walked through the door I knew that I was home.  Everything felt right.  It seems that one can have more than one "home".  

It has taken me a while to find a fit.  There has been a lot of sacrifices and a lot of hard work and tears along the way – but it seems that I have I finally found what it was that  I was looking for.  (I know that sentence is wrong, but I am not going to change it.) And you know what is most amusing?  What I thought I wanted and what I really wanted were and are two totally different things.  It is amazing what one can find if they take a chance.

..and another Canadian band, Marianas Trench.  Warning though the video is in true quirky Canadian form :)

I have to admit, Desperate Measures ^ shows up on my most played list - but I had to include this one too, because well, you'll know what I mean when you give this sexy, jazzy tune a play...

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