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Thursday, January 24, 2013

A promise

I received a message asking me what the secret was to making change - I cannot pretend to have any answers, only what works for me.  Today anyway.  So here is my list;

1.  Keep moving.  When negative thoughts start to fill my mind I get busy.
2.  When convenient, I am oblivious.  Why should I give a negative moment my full attention? 
3.  Listen.  I try hard to listen others, and my heart.  
4.  Be open.  Sometimes the greatest things can happen if we are simply open to them happening.  
5.  Get out there.  Life is happening, I think it is better to be a participant than a bystander.
6.  Know when to walk away.  And when you do, always take the high road.
7.  But the biggest thing for me, is never take anything for granted. Family, friends, places and            

Actually, I suppose the most important thing for me was to simply to hang in there.  Time does indeed heal all.  Difficult moments do pass.  Life isn't perfect, but suddenly one day, everything will seem a whole better...I promise.

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