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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

The Tram Stop

In Zurich, it is important that the Bahnhofstra├če saturday shoppers enjoy a little entertainment too.

This is one of the things I love about living here. I am always surprised. Like on Saturday, when there was suddenly a piano and an elegant looking man playing it for all to enjoy at popular tram stop.

Thursday, January 24, 2013

A promise

I received a message asking me what the secret was to making change - I cannot pretend to have any answers, only what works for me.  Today anyway.  So here is my list;

1.  Keep moving.  When negative thoughts start to fill my mind I get busy.
2.  When convenient, I am oblivious.  Why should I give a negative moment my full attention? 
3.  Listen.  I try hard to listen others, and my heart.  
4.  Be open.  Sometimes the greatest things can happen if we are simply open to them happening.  
5.  Get out there.  Life is happening, I think it is better to be a participant than a bystander.
6.  Know when to walk away.  And when you do, always take the high road.
7.  But the biggest thing for me, is never take anything for granted. Family, friends, places and            

Actually, I suppose the most important thing for me was to simply to hang in there.  Time does indeed heal all.  Difficult moments do pass.  Life isn't perfect, but suddenly one day, everything will seem a whole better...I promise.

Sunday, January 20, 2013

On a Serious Note...

I have to admit, in many ways I wish I had never viewed the video Amanda Todd made.  Her story haunts me.  And of course, this song reminds me of her...

Friday, January 18, 2013

Drama Queen

As I was climbing through the window of a first floor apartment in my building and leaping into the arms of an up until then unknown man, I couldn't help but notice the many people at tram stop watching the spectacle that was unfolding before them.  You see, I was actually the last in a series of females that could have been spotted jumping out of the window - albeit the only one in a skirt - but hey, for once I was not alone in an unanticipated escapade.

You see, we couldn't get the door open.  It just wouldn't work.  Not from the inside or the outside.  (And yes we were all blonde, and no that wasn't the problem.)

Anyway, as I made my way to work I couldn't help smile.  Just a day earlier I had managed to get my arm stuck in what I will vaguely describe as a machine.  I had endeavoured to repair the misbehaving 'machine' and it sort of didn't work out very well.  I ended up having to call a colleague that hurriedly came to my rescue only to find me on the floor with my arm jammed rather firmly in the said machine.  

As I was sharing my morning tale with some colleagues they were both amused and bewildered.  "Why does this sort of stuff always happen to you?"  asked the friend that had to rescue me from the man eating machine.   

In Switzerland we (and I mean me included) tend to behave in a certain way.  We are kind of a proper bunch, strange things don't often happen here - in fact, it is something that I have grown to love and appreciate about my Swiss life.  People simply aren't getting attacked by machines or leaping out of windows into a strange mans arms.  But then I suppose, someone has to be the drama queen...

Ciao for now...

Sunday, January 13, 2013

The Euro Man

European men like to nap.  It doesn't matter how young or old they are, you can be assured that after work or on a Saturday or Sunday that they will be squeezing in some sort of shut eye.  I don't know how many times I have been asked to do something but then advised that they first must take a nap.  

It is a concept that I am still getting used to as I do not think in all my time in Canada I ever had anyone tell me this.  Of course people nap, but it is not something that we would ever admit to, and generally speaking it is only done if absolutely necessary.  Frequent napping, or at least an admission of frequent napping, would most certainly be frowned upon back by home.  Napping is only acceptable when one is deathly ill with a flu or 108 years old.

So yeah, for all you visiting North Americans left wondering why the streets are so empty at around 15:00 on a Sunday – now you know ;)

Thursday, January 10, 2013

A New Relationship

One sleepless night later - I have decided that reading emails while in bed is a bad idea.  As much as I enjoy watching the sunrise while sipping my morning coffee, I would have much preferred 7 hours of sleep instead.

As ticked off as I was about the email that had me stewing all night long, I also have to admit that it is my own fault.  So starting today - my smartphone and I are going to have a new relationship.  Yes I know friends and family who are reading this blog are in a state of disbelief.  You see my phone goes constantly - and it often gets more attention than the company I keep.  

So starting today - things are going to change.  I am redefining my relationship with my phone.  

And while I am at, I am going to do away with the whole Canadian music thing - I am sort of bored with that too. Today I am leaving you with Kelly, I heard this song on the radio today and it sort of set the tone for the day... 

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Happy & Home

Well I am back. 

My only half dead orchids greeted me upon my arrival.  As I had suspected the cleaning fairies neglected to look after the glasses in the sink – so I busied myself and loaded the four of them in the dishwasher.  It took me a mere 30 seconds.

I know, exciting blog.  Get on with the point already.

This time there isn't one.  Except that when I walked through the door I knew that I was home.  Everything felt right.  It seems that one can have more than one "home".  

It has taken me a while to find a fit.  There has been a lot of sacrifices and a lot of hard work and tears along the way – but it seems that I have I finally found what it was that  I was looking for.  (I know that sentence is wrong, but I am not going to change it.) And you know what is most amusing?  What I thought I wanted and what I really wanted were and are two totally different things.  It is amazing what one can find if they take a chance.

..and another Canadian band, Marianas Trench.  Warning though the video is in true quirky Canadian form :)

I have to admit, Desperate Measures ^ shows up on my most played list - but I had to include this one too, because well, you'll know what I mean when you give this sexy, jazzy tune a play...