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Saturday, September 22, 2012

Cougar Defined - It is a Canadian thang

Most people know what a "cougar" is - and I am not talking about the four legged one.  It is a term that is widely rumoured to have originated in Canada and refers to women who have an affinity for younger men.  And not just an affinity for them, but literally go on the prowl for them.  

Personally I think the term cougar was coined at the Hotel Eldorado in Kelowna, BC on Friday evening.  But don't just take my word for it - you can be like the many others who have hopped on a plane to go and check out the now rather infamous cougar venue. (Here is a link for you for more information And because I can hear those  back home protesting, yes I too have enjoyed an evening or two at the El.  (Photo even entered as evidence - note the blonde theme.  However, an important foot note, just because someone happens to at the El, does not mean that they are a "cougar":) 

For the guys and gals now thinking of packing their bags for a weekend away in say Kelowna - the Hotel Eldorado is located right on the lake, in fact you can take a seat on the dock, sip your crantini (they are famous there) and watch the action unfold within the bar while also taking in the hot people getting on and off their boats. (double entendre intended there in case you missed it.)

Ah...and now that I have you all thoroughly distracted, lets move onto the technical requirements for a cougar classification. 

1. She must be over 30
2. She knows how to rock a pair of tight jeans
3. She is probably (but not always) blonde, with longish hair
4. She knows what Botox is
5. Her body can put most 20 years olds to shame
6. She thinks the younger the better when it comes to men
7. She must be a she :)

And now keeping with the Canuck theme - the Canadian band Hedley with their take on the whole cougar thang...

Ciao for now...