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Saturday, June 30, 2012

The Downside


I love the heat. Even high humidity. But I am so not loving this train at the moment. Why you ask? Cuz it is hot. Smokin’ hot. The weather outside has to be at least 32 degrees and in this train it has to be 45. I dunno if I am exaggerating or not to be honest.

Part of the problem is the train is full. Packed. So take whatever it is outside, throw in a whack of humidity and then multiple that by a train full of people. Add in an air-conditioning system that doesn’t work, windows that do not open and you might just hit 50 degrees.

My recent move to Zurich resulted in me giving up my car. I still have some; two in fact, but alas having a vehicle or two in Canada does not help me much here. When all is said and done, I would have to say that I have adapted rather well to my first month of being car-less. I tram it to work, train it to meetings. Lug my shopping on and off the first conveniently located public transport. For a Canadian, that is a pretty big thing. We love our cars. But like I said I have been getting into this train/tram thing. I mean if there is one city to give this whole car-less thing a go, it is Zurich. Its public transit system is virtually flawless. I have never had to wait more than five minutes for anything, and I never plan ahead. The convenience of not searching for and paying for parking, getting gas, and that jazz was even a bit welcome. I didn’t even mind taking the little over an hour train ride for a visit back to Dornbirn

That was until today. Now. I have to tell you, this is one hot and sweaty (yeah, I know but it is the truth) Canadian who would give just about anything to have their car back right now…

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