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Friday, June 8, 2012


Sometimes things work out exactly the way you never imagined they would. As difficult as it was to say goodbye to Austria and the beautiful towns of Vorarlberg, I did. After a whirlwind of a few weeks and a difficult few months, I made the move the Zurich. And in true to (my) life fashion, it was a move filled with adventure. With movers only being available for the day following my call, and only one landlord in city of Zurich who would return a call - I finally had a window, all cards were seemingly in my favour - it was time to react. My movers ended up seeing my new home before I did. As I sat in the building office with contracts in front of me, I watched the movers lug load after load up to my new flat. Not an easy task with it being on a top floor of a building with an elevator too small to be used for furniture. And it was hot. But my new landlord was chatty - seems a Canadian with poor German moving in was not an every day occurrence. He spoke to me rapidly in German, actually make that Swiss German - and believe me, there is a difference - a huge difference. After some time had passed and the final load of furniture had made its way to my new home I asked "mind if I run up and look at the flat?"

So there we have it. Sight unseen I moved in.

A few years ago I stopped being spontaneous on "big things." I let my analytical me take over. If I was honest about if I had the time to reflect on whether or not it was a good idea or not, I would have opted for the latter or let enough time pass so that the decision would ultimately have been made for me. However, now, as I spend an evening relaxed and finally at peace in my new home, I find myself rethinking this whole analytical thing. I have given so much of my life to making decisions, sometimes heart breaking ones, and in the end there really isn't a right or wrong answer. Actually that is not true. To make a decision that goes against your heart or "gut" is bound to be the wrong one. I have worried, fretted and agonized and analyzed. And in the end, you will never have enough information to make you feel 100% at peace with the decision you may or may not make.

For two nights I pondered if I had made the right decision being so spontaneous when selecting my new flat. But tonight, as I watched a spectacular lightening storm in the hills that surround me, I knew immediately that I had.

That was my lesson in all of this. Sometimes you can plan, think, rethink, analyze and consider and things still may not work the way they should. And sometimes, if we listen and trust our "gut" or heart, we might just end up making better, and ultimately faster decisions. But who really knows? Time will tell. But then no matter what - it always does...

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