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Thursday, June 28, 2012

Defying Convention

As I waited for the tram, my eyes settled upon a very petite elderly woman. She had just left her flat in downtown Zurich and was pulling a suitcase, one small enough for a couple of days travel. My heart warmed a little as I watched this woman. A large brimmed hat sat on her perfectly coiffed hair. Impeccably dressed, she had selected a tailored white suit. For colour a baby blue scarf was tied around her neck and matching cotton gloves were on her hands.
What also struck me was the confidence with which she carried herself. I simply could not help but smile as she made her way through the crowd. I was sure she had known a life filled with sophistication and glamour and I quietly pondered the exciting stories this woman might be able to share. I wanted to know her.
I saw a lot of people as I made my way around today – but it is this lady I will remember. By defying convention she had made a stamp on my day. Imagine what one could do with a life lived like that?

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