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Sunday, July 1, 2012

Canada Day

I remember Canada Day of my youth. Besides a few fireworks, nothing much happened. I sort of had the feeling that we were not proud of being Canadian. Perhaps I was, and am wrong - but today all that has changed. We are a different nation from the one a remember years ago. Being Canadian means something to us.

As a Canadian expat in Europe, I am grateful for what my heritage has enabled me to do. My passport is usually well received, and as a people we are generally regarded well. But it is much more than than that. Nestled within its expansive landscape is a cornucopia of culture. And with that mix we are one people - we are Canadian.

Being Canadian has taught me much. It has shown me that true riches lie in diversity. That there is much more to this world both within and beyond my countries borders. I learned to watch, observe and enjoy the remarkable diversity of my home. Because of my country I have enjoyed the freedom to live as I chose. I was
able to raise a son and encourage him to pursue a life limited only by his imagination. My family is cared for if ill, I know a justice system that protects the rights and freedoms of its people. I can swim in fresh water and be proud of my education. Because of my country I learned that there is no right way to live life - only different ways.

Happy 145th Birthday Canada. Thank you.

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