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Thursday, January 23, 2014

Snow Surfing

And so it continues...

Claudia and I got completely lost on this vast web of mountainous terrain until a ski instructor decided to crash our little map assessment party.  He decided to take control of the situation, and to be honest, we were not so displeased with that. When he offered to ski with us - we were not unhappy with that either. The light was flat and our visibility and depth perception were low. However, when he insisted that we ski on one ski, I was a bit skeptical.  Had he not been wearing the official ski instructor jacket, we would have (I hope) been more concerned.  He insisted after a preliminary run assessment that this would be be great practice for us - that following this we would ace the two ski situation with little difficulty.
(Note the one leg)

I could not help but glance around and check to see if there was some hidden camera guy - certain we would end up on late night tv somewhere in the world.  But, whatever, you only live once - right?  So our new friend Stephan took us down the slope on one ski.  And I must confirm, after that whole scenario - two skis feels like a walk in the park in comparison.

(Note Mr Ski Instructor laughing - likely because he actually succeeded in talking us into skiing on one ski...) 

In the end, Stephan became our new pal, and he gave us some invaluable ski tips.  I know absolutely that following my time here in t Lech I will be an infinitely better skier than when I arrived.  So will Claudia. It also reinforced the importance of being open to new situations and experiences.

(And no, we have no clue where he came from, he decided simply to grab a photo op. I thought it turned out funny and was worth sharing anyway.)

As we wrapped up a successful, albeit, challenging ski day with a little glühwien, the smiles continued...

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