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Saturday, January 18, 2014

Road Trip - Day 1

And we are off!

Long planned, we are both looking forward to our girlie holiday.  Lech, Austria is our destination, so skiing will be a big part our days - but our suitcases contain enough for any possible contingency plan    You will even find a yoga mat or two in our ski bags.  

However, we decided to begin our two plus journey in style.  Fresh oysters (our cabin mates didn't seem to mind - really ;) and some white wine.  The tone for the holiday had officially been set!  

Oysters and wine are good for the flu - no?  Although I must admit I am enjoying the sound of my fog horn voice :). Claudia suggested that it matched my red eyes - but whatever!

And we arrived at the hotel.  I have to commend Claudia on the hotel selection - even the door dog is wearing LV. 

The room - a tribute to Tina...

Las we soaked in our surroundings out front, the owner of the hotel informed us that we MUST go out as it is the evening of the "white night". In an effort not to offend - seems we shall soon see what this means.  

As we sip our, well, not our first glass of wine -  we soaked in the funky decorating.  Traditional, trendy & kitch.  

And of course the theme continues..

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