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Saturday, December 15, 2012

Cross My Name Off

Okay, It is time to set the record straight on the whole cougar thang. 

First off, I am not a cougar.  If my blog gave the impression of that – wowee ‘my bad.  Yes I am single, but as much as I loathe having to state it – this is a choice.  Not because it is a state that I necessarily prefer, but instead a fact of preferring to be single than settle for something that is only part of what I want.  Experience has taught me that being in the wrong relationship is infinitely more unpleasant than any time spent being single.

Maybe I will one day be proven wrong, but I believe in the whole love thing.  I believe in soul mates. And happily ever after.  I also believe that we cannot define in advance what our partner should be.  That does not go to say that we should not know what we like.  For instance, I find confidence and intelligence sexy.  I do not care about a man’s age, the size of his bank account, his ethnicity, or what he does for a living.  The primary thing I care about is if he can make my life any better than what I have right now by being in it.  And until I cross paths with the man who can do this – I shall remain single.

(I think Steve Jobs summed it up perfectly in his Harvard address - skip the video ahead until you are at the 4:03 mark.)

So you youngun’s out there – if you are looking for a cougar, this is one name you can cross off your list :)   

Now I leave you with Canadian band Hedley and "One Life."    Cuz, at the end of the day, that is all that we have...

Foot note:  It is interesting that of all the blogs I have written, the cougar one provoked the most emails to me.  However the top viewed blog remains the "Naked Sauna" followed by "The First Ten Minutes".  Whatever the case, thanks to all who take the time to read my ramblings...

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