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Sunday, August 25, 2013

Laughter in Learning

Today I enjoyed a wonderful long lazy brunch with a number of friends.  We drank too much coffee, shared stories of our weekend and talked of everything and nothing all at once.  The language we favoured was English although German was also used in an effort to make sure that I finally master this seemingly impossible and daunting task. But what I adore most about these times is the conversation.  Direct translations from other languages make it interesting.  We are hilarious without even trying to be so.  Inevitably we end up in fits of laughter while someone looks confused as to why everyone just found what they said to be so amusing.  It is as close to childlike innocence as an adult can get.  

When you think about it - it is sort of ironic.  We strive to make certain that we are understood, but it was the countless innocent linguistic missteps that made the day so enjoyable that none of us wanted it to end.

So, that is it - I am going to blunder through this language and accept that I shall make countless errors and at times be completely misunderstood.  The laughter and the long forgotten innocence of learning is well worth the effort...

(Serious respect for whomever edited this video.  I don't care of you like Maroon 5 or not, it is worth a quick view.)

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