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Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Farewell to a Season

I have had a great summer.  Long afternoons spent lakeside, swimming and chatting with the girls.  Alfresco evenings absorbing the romance of candle light, dark summer night skies and the lingering heat of the day.  Time spent with family, enjoying the hugs, warmth and the comfort of unconditional love.

Ah, has been a wonderful summer.  

In amongst the hustle and bustle of summer I have met more wonderful, special people.  It has indeed been a busy summer.  But as the evening air carries the unmistakable chill of a pending autumn I find as much as I have enjoyed the summer immensely I am also glad it is coming to a close.  Fall to me is about family, friends and love.  

I had a long chat with my best friend last night, and during that call I was lamenting as to the fact that a regular social activity I participated in no longer held the same appeal to me as it had once.  We talked about our desire to be out more in nature and to take in more of the abundant culture this amazing city has to offer.  In her infinite wisdom she also pointed out that perhaps I longing to deepen the bond and quality of my relationships. 

This conversation also took place while I had a horrible flu.  I received calls and texts from friends that offered to being me soup and whatever my heart desired.  My gal pal ready to wrap up her already long work day at my bedside.

So as I bid farewell to a summer laden with wonderful memories and countless friendships, I am also embracing fall.  As much fun as it all was - it is time for a change. 

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