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Saturday, February 8, 2014

Friday Night

Friday arrived and I need to get out.  The week was a long one for me.  In fact one evening I was home and congratulating myself on making it through Wednesday when I realized it was just Tuesday.  That day sure felt like two in one let me tell you.  Therefore I didn't want to make plans as I was torn between wanting to get away to somewhere or just surviving with some modicum of humour left.   
I think I need one of these for my wall at home.  Okay, perhaps not.

Friday night arrived and I was restless.  I wanted to get out.  But I was particular. I wanted casual, easy conversation and a good vibe.  My best pal suggested el Lokal.  It was perfect.  The sort of place you can just be, relax and look around. Since it is sort of a unique place here, I decided to share a few photos.

This guy is hanging off the ceiling.  He sort of looked exactly how my week felt :)

When you run out of conversation 
(okay, that never happens to me)
there is plenty of useful stuff around 

to help out with that.

Canada!  Yeah.  A bit pathetic, but hey...

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