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Monday, December 16, 2013

Two More Sleeps...

…and I will be home for Christmas

One of favourite Christmas songs.  Every year I will steal a quiet moment, pour myself a glass of my favourite meritage, and find my seat in front of the fire.  In this moment I like to soak in the tranquil beauty of the snow covered mountains, the decorated tree, the energy of a happy home and give my silent thanks for it all while listening to this song by Nat King Cole.  

Saturday, December 14, 2013

Not a Crêpe not a Pancake - but a French Pancake

Oops!  After a couple of comments about the French Pancakes being good, but a bit 'runny' I took a look at the recipe posting.  Mystery solved, I incorrectly posted a measurement.  Sorry about that.  Please give this another whirl - I guarantee you will love it!

In Canada we have this thing we call a "French Pancake."  I have tried to explain this to my French friends here, but they think I am confused between either crêpes or French toast.  It is neither. Therefore, in an effort to set the record straight, I have included a recipe for those who wish to give making it a whirl.  

I used to make this breakfast dish about 4 days out of 7 a week.  It was the go-to the comfort food of my family and friends - and basically the only thing that the picky eaters at the table would even consider.  And now, for my skeptical readers, following is the recipe for what I refer to as  "French Pancakes;
        1/4 cup of white flour
        1/4 cup of milk
        2 large eggs
        1 teaspoon of sugar
        2 tablespoons of butter
        1/3 cup of fruit (my preference is blueberries)

Whisk all ingredients together except butter and fruit until smooth.  Melt butter and place in large pie plate, pour pancake mixture into pie plate and sprinkle fruit over poured mixture. 
Bake in oven at 300 Fahrenheit (150 Celsius) for 20 minutes. 
Everyone seems to enjoy this most with maple syrup drizzled over top.  I am getting hungry just thinking about it…

(And yes I know the measurements are imperial :)
And that my lovely French friends is what we Canadians (or at least this one) call a French pancake.  ;)


Sunday, December 8, 2013

Zurich Lights

I love Europe at this time of year.  The lights, the outdoor Christmas Markets, the smell of Glühwein in the air.  Zurich, already a beautiful city becomes even more enchanting.  I could not help snap photo after photo as I made my way through the city.  Unfortunately my iPhone 4S takes  pictures that are not all that great, so please use your imagination a little with each one as in person, each sight is a beautiful one.

Walking through the Niedordorf in Zurich old town never gets old for me.  I love it, and at Christmas it is even more lovely.  (The men on the right had to sneak into my photo to see why I was taking the picture.  Funny.)

One of my French friends(so you know it is going to be to a lovely find) introduced me to this little gem of a place also in the Niederdorf.  At Schober you can still sit outside on their terrace and sip delicious hot chocolate on a sheepskin covered chair while wrapped in a bright red blanket.  The lights add a magical touch. For more information

Wowee this is a blurry one.  Right at Stadelhofen train station is this festive little Glühwein stand which also makes for a great meeting spot.

The lovely trees all lit up outside Terrace at Bellevue.

The beautiful tree and windows done each year by Credit Swiss at ParadePlatz.  It makes the dark evenings heading home from work a lot more bearable. 

The view of the Conelli Circus from across the Limmat.  

Some quick snaps of last weeks Polyball.  Hosted by ETH, the event covered 8 floors with different bands.  A formal even, it was a sea of gowns and black ties.